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bevy14 started this conversation
I am 30 years old, have been unemployed for 6 years due to my mother had a brain aneurysm and I quit my job well was let go because they didn't have a family medical leave and I had taken to much time off to be with my mother as she underwent open brain surgery anyhow since than her health has been up and down, after she had got to a point 3 years ago I had attempted to return to work so I could move on with my life well after a night out with some friends we went for a night cap which in fact lead to me being raped and as much as I'd like to call myself a survivor i have yet earned that title as I live as a victim, I live in a small town there is no support system for rape victims, I have struggled to become a productive member of society and that brings me here today. I have been seeking any kind of financial help so that I can get my foot in the door, I've been searching for employment however my mental status doesn't allow me to put 100% into it, the financial aid I need is for health purposes to pay doctor visits, prescriptions, gas to get from point a to b and to help get a place of my own.
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woman in a shoe
Hi this is a info site i am very sorry put there no cash on this site if u post to me and let me know what u need help with if there any resources i can give u i will but no state has any help for anyone that been rape. I will be waiting for a message from u
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